The section with registration of the order concerning writing of academic scientific work on the subject set by you, additional requirements, time terms of performance of your order, methodical requirements

The structure of a research project commissioned on Writemypapers

As a rule, the project on any subject from authors of Writemypapers contains the following moments:

  • Title page – the first page that indicates the ministry, educational institution, department name, work topic, student name, course, group, department; teacher’s name and initials, year and place of project delivery;
  • Table of Contents – a page containing headings and page numbers for all sections and subsections, headings must accurately repeat the headings of the text and be placed one below the other;
  • Introduction – specifies the subject or subject, purpose and objectives of the study, substantiates the structure and review of the literature on this topic;
  • The main part – sections and subsections of the main part consistently cover the content of each issue, identify the basic ideas of personality, reveal the theory and practice.
  • Conclusions – a summary of the top work performed, presented in the form of personal positions on the tasks, reveals not only the super positive but also the negative aspects of this topic, as well as gives specific recommendations for their elimination;
  • References – provide a bibliographic volume of used sources of information that were used during the research work.

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Final requirements. Principles of writing

A4 sheet, Times New Roman 14 font, printed at 1.5 spacing.

Page margins: top – 20 mm, bottom – 25 mm, right – 10 mm, left – 30 mm.

Align the text across the width of the page, without hyphens.

Headings of sections of structural parts should be written in capital letters.

The distance between the headings and the text should be 3-4 spaces.

Footnotes are placed at the bottom of the same page and are not carried over to the next page.

The numbering should start with the cover and go to the last page in the upper right corner.

If there are tables in the abstract, their size should not exceed the margins of the sheet.

Each table must have a title, all tables in the text have links.

These were the rules of abstraction of academic writing from the authors of Writemypapers. Now you know what the requirements for writing an essay need to know to write an essay correctly or order it on the famous website of Writemypapers.

How to choose the topic of the abstract?

Sometimes it is quite difficult to choose the topic of the abstract. It depends on how well you choose the topic, what grade you will get for it. And if you still find yourself in this situation, the following recommendations from the authors of will help you choose the leading topic of the abstract.

In most cases, the teachers themselves give students abstract trust topics. This is done to facilitate the perfect principle of student learning and to avoid the possibility of obtaining a duplicate of an abstract or research paper on the subject studied. Often teachers give students a pre-set list of topics to write an essay to choose from. But it also happens that teachers give the freedom to choose the first-rate topic of the abstract, and if so, then you have to use it.

The finest topic of the abstract should be as close as possible to the research topic or topic that is interesting and understandable to you. Even if it takes a lot of time and effort to find and analyze information, the result will reassure you as you choose a topic. In addition, it will help to expand your knowledge on this prime topic, and you will better understand it.