Yes, all the locks on your order will be keyed the same. If you place a second order, please select “Match the code from my previous order” option from the “Keying” drop-down menu.

  1. We hand-make our locks to customer specifications.
  2. We have 10,000 different key codes available on our Tubular locks.
  3. Most locks found on Amazon and eBay are low quality Chinese imports. Our locks are made with components sourced from US and Canadian manufacturers.
  4. We offer custom cams (locking arms). Not the one-size-fits-all approach.
  5. On our Tubular Locks, we assign a key code to each of our customers and won’t duplicate the code or use it for another customer.
  6. We can key as many locks as you need to the same key.
  7. If you ever need more locks or keys we can match the code we assigned to you on your first order.
  8. We are just a phone call away (661) 224-1010.
  9. Easy exchanges and refunds, and we do mean EASY.
  10. In some cases we can match an existing key code from a different manufacturer.

We offer FedEx 2 Day Delivery in the continental USA. Please note that your order will ship the next business day. If you place your order on Friday it will ship the following Monday and will be delivered to you on Wednesday. We do not ship orders on Saturday or Sunday.

Please print our Measuring Guide. Follow the instructions on it to measure your locks correctly. Be sure to measure the “1 TEST BOX” found on the top left corner of the guide to be sure it printed to size.

Our allOne lock and key system id designed to replace the locks found on your slam latches or baggage door locks. With our allOne lock and key system we can replace the locks on 90% of all travel trailers. 

If you ordered the wrong size locks, you have 30 days from the date your order was delivered to you to request an exchange. You will have to cover shipping charges both ways.
If your locks are defective you have 6 months from the date your locks were delivered to request an exchange or a full refund. After 6 months you will only be able to request an exchange. We will not replace or exchange any locks after ONE YEAR from the date they were delivered to you.
If your locks are perfectly fine but you still want to return them for a refund you will have 30 days from the date your locks were delivered to you and will have to pay a 7% re-stocking fee. You will also be responsible for shipping the locks back to us.

Tubular Locks or Disc Tumbler Locks or allOne locks:
If you order 1-4 locks you will get 2 keys. If you order 5 and up you will receive 4 keys. Additional keys can be purchased for all our locks by clicking on ”SHOP” then “Keys”.

Magnetic Locks:
Regardless of how many locks you order you will only get 2 keys. Additional keys can be purchased for all our locks by clicking on “SHOP” then “Keys” then “Magnetic Key”.

If you have purchased locks from us before and need more locks keyed the same please select “Match the code from my previous order” from the “Keying” drop-down menu. We will find your code and key your new locks the same as your previous order.

All metals will rust some just take way longer. Our locks are made from Zinc alloy and are Nickel coated to ensure a long life without rusting. Another factor to take into account is the weather, most rusting we’ve seen is from customers that live in the salt belt which is a region where road salt is used to control snow and ice. In almost 100% of the cases we’ve seen, it’s because the customer decided to not purchase our dust covers which will protect the lock from salt spray.

Yes our locks are non-key-retaining so the keys will come out in the unlocked position.

Our locks are made from Zinc alloy and are nickel plated. The pins inside the locks are made out of brass.