So what is CH751?

It is a very popular key for outside storage door locks used on most class A, B and C recreational vehicles including but not limited to: diesel pushers, campervans, motorhomes, truck campers, popup campers, travel trailers, hybrid trailers, fifth-wheels, toterhomes and toy haulers.

It is estimated that roughly 75% of the recreational vehicles out there share this same key and lock system. But why would manufacturers do this? Simply put, to cut down costs. It is easier to deal with one key than it is to deal with hundreds if not thousands of different keys, it would create a logistical nightmare.

But this code is not just limited to recreational vehicles, some tool boxes including those found on truck beds and garages all over America also open with this key. So even people that do not own an RV can have a key to your outside storage areas.

Some RV owners might argue that they don’t store anything valuable in their compartments, but why would you want anybody to have access to your RV regardless of whether you have valuables in it or not.

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